ALPES INDUSTRIES SERVICES offer comprehensive solutions to plan, design, and construct dairy, juice and water processing plants. For more than 25 years we have designed plants that exemplify the best in industry practices from sanitary designs for food safety to efficient plant layouts for productivity.
To help our Customers remain competitive, our project managers and engineers have applied their professional skills in factory design, construction, and upgrades across all spheres of these industries.

Production and technology options can include:

• Cheese plant
• Juice processing plant
• Water processing plant
• Butter plants including product handling, conveying and robot palletising
• FMCG beverage and retail portion packs
• Powder, conveying and packing
• Vegetable oil storage and handling systems
• Milk bottling plants
• Ice cream plants
• Protein extraction plants
• CIP systems
• Pasteurisation systems
• Sanitary modification of imported equipment
• Tanker reception and dispatch systems
• Clean in Place technology

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