Bucket filling line

Bucket filling line

The machine is designed for weight dosing of liquid and pastelike products in a bucket with a handle from 0.5 to 30 liters, with automatic feeding and closing the lid. After the filling of the product, line can be equipped with film sealing unit. Film is fed automatically from the roll. Sealing with die-cutting of film with a tear tab. After filling and sealing it is possible labelling by self adhesive sticker on the bucket or on the lid. Labeller can be equipped by termodater for putting the date on the label, or by laser marker. Also, the line can be equipped with a collecting table for feeding empty backet and for storing of packed product.

The line is customised for products and packaging of the customer.

Productivity up to 1000 bucket/ hour Pneumatic equipment: Camozzi Electric equipment: Omron

Weight dosator Unit of sealing by foil Snap-on lid magazine Labeller by self-adhesive labels on the backet or on the lid Thermo date stamp on label or laser marker Conveyor 6 m Collecting table

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